Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We use our hands and wrists to complete thousands of tasks every day, often without consciously contemplating those actions. Carpal tunnel syndrome creates significant pain and impedes proper function of the hand and wrist, making you acutely aware of this area of your body. If you live in the Union Square, New York area and are concerned that you might have carpal tunnel syndrome, schedule an appointment with Elizabeth Greenberg, DC, today using the simple online tool or by calling the office.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Q & A

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Your carpal tunnel is a narrow, rigid channel made of ligaments and bones. This passageway runs from the base of your hands into your wrist, and it protects your median nerve as well as the tendons responsible for bending and flexing your fingers. The median nerve provides sensory data to and from your index and middle fingers as well as to part of your ring finger and thumb.

When your median nerve is compressed, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome often occur. This compression can be caused by thickening of the lining of your tendons or by other types of inflammation.

Injury, trauma, or mechanical dysfunction can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Stress from repetitive motion as well as from conditions such as menopause or pregnancy can also contribute to compressed nerves in this area of the body.

What are some symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

For most people, symptoms develop gradually. You may notice sensations of tingling, itching, numbness, or burning across the palm of your hand and in your fingers. Some people experience pain in their wrists or forearm.

Other sensations associated with carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Feeling that your fingers are useless
  • Sensation of weakness in the muscle at the base of your thumb
  • Pain that shoots or radiates from your hand to your shoulder
  • Feeling of swelling without visible evidence of swelling
  • Difficulty sleeping due to nighttime discomfort and tingling in your hand

How does chiropractic care improve carpal tunnel syndrome?

There are several safe and effective chiropractic treatments to improve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Greenberg begins with a thorough physical exam of the affected area as well as of your shoulder and spine.

Treatment may include manual manipulation of your wrist, elbow, and upper spine. Gentle, targeted massage may also lead to improvements in pain reduction and joint mobility. Specific exercises can increase strength in this area, which helps prevent further injury.

Nutritional supplements often provide powerful relief of carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Greenberg will ask about your current diet and supplement plan, and she can guide you toward dietary supplements that are in line with your needs.

Research supports the use of chiropractic care in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Patients report lasting pain relief and overall improvements in nerve function following chiropractic treatment.

If you would like to learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenberg to begin a path toward healthy hand and wrist function.


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