• Living Without Headaches

    by Dr. Elizabeth Greenberg
    on Oct 8th, 2018

Do you ever have to stop what you’re doing because of another headache? Every day as many as two million Americans suffer from headaches that interfere with routine work and social activities. Headaches result in 250 million lost workdays each year.

Did you know that headaches occur more often than the common cold? Because they are so “common” many people just accept them as a “normal” part of life. Quite the contrary-if you have a headache it means that something is not normal! Pain is a signal that you have a problem that needs attention.

Many of you reading this article have probably experienced an annoying, chronic or debilitating head pain at one time or another. If you suffer from frequent headaches it is extremely frustrating when others dismiss them as “just stress”… as if it’s all in your mind, and provide no alternative causes. All factors which may be causing your headaches must be considered. Some of these include eyestrain, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, toxic fumes, poor posture, or spinal injury. Regardless of the cause, headaches are real, not imagined. There are nearly one hundred types of headaches, the two most common being migraine and tension.

Current research has shown that both migraine and tension headaches are often caused by a mis-alignment in one or more vertebrae in the neck. These mis-alignments can create a “pinching” effect on the nerves and blood vessels of that area, causing headaches and neck pain. By properly realigning the affected spinal segments, that pressure on the blood vessels and nerves may be removed, thus bringing relief from pain. Chiropractic adjustments provide a very efficient means for producing such relief. A Chiropractic examination will indicate whether your headaches may be treated with vertebral adjustments. A simple solution to a chronic problem may be yours.

Author Dr. Elizabeth Greenberg

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